About Us

Vocals Darren

Always loving music, in the early days it was the oils & inxs for him. Then Springsteen was a huge influence, his passion & great ability to create a story in song the Boss was the one. Started hosting karaoke shows at 40, was a natural at getting the crowd going & creating a party vibe. They were great times, but fronting up a band was the goal. Joined Touchwood Rock at the end of 2012. Playing live gigs weekly & singing to a crowd is what it's about.

Guitar Andre

Providing all the riffs & energetically reproducing many famous licks through his Marshall amp & les Paul guitar. His unique style, fun attitude but always a serious approach to improving & building his repertoire. Andre is an integral & driving force behind Touchwood Rock's success. Years of experience as a foundation member allows this guy to lead from the front from start to finish.

Bass Riggsy!

Playing bass for over 12 years and has been a Chili Peppers fan for even longer. His playing has been heavily influenced by them and other top notch artists such as Green Day, Offspring, Sublime, Bob Marley, Metallica, Guns 'n' Roses, and many more. Riggsy has been known to be an animated, lively and energetic rocker on stage. Music is part of his daily life. If there is no music playing around him, he has a tune in his head. There is a saying he lives by, "A world without music is chaos."

Drums Steve

Steve was born to be a drummer, spending his childhood tapping on anything he could find. Although he only began playing drums in his teens, he was able to develop his "self-taught" drumming style in no time, being heavily influenced by bands such as Thirsty Merc, Powderfinger, Foo Fighters, Nirvana, and Grinspoon (to name a few). He has an appreciation for all genres but holds a soft spot for 90s to 00s alt rock and heavier music that he grew up with. This, along with his eclectic tastes and well rounded form, makes Touchwood the perfect band for Steve to showcase his chops!